Gratitude a divine attribute: indebtedness a human necessity

Gratitude is gratefulness ,thankfulness or appreciation for a benefit conferred on you out of  kindness

Gratitude is to remember a beneficient thought ,word or deed directed towards you

Gratitude is a heart overflowing with appreciation towards the one who contributed to your well being with no calculations of profit and stress of pressure. Continue reading “Gratitude a divine attribute: indebtedness a human necessity”

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Akshar -the imperishable





The Vedas are the ancient and eternal books of cosmic secrets.In about  1500 BCE  the more refined of humans ,embarked on a voyage into the inner space of consciousness These wise men are known as “Rishi” in Sanskrit .The  sanskrit word “Rishi” is derived from the sanskrit root “drsh” ,to see.

A Rishi was a yogi who chose solitude and went about the business of purifying the mind to dive deep into consciousness .In moments of deep meditation the yogi discovered that  his consciousness was one with the cosmic consciousness.This epiphany was the window to the esoteric knowledge about the ultimate nature of life ,its source and  incredible design.

These sages  who were the pioneers of the most  stupendous of human journeys,  accessed from the “Paramam vyomam” ( supreme  ether)  pristine vibrations emanating from the very parent of creation .These primordial sounds were the cosmic powers of manifestation .It is these sacred words or mantras which   revealed themselves to the inner consciousness of the rishi, making him  ,the custodian and interpreter of its spiritual  secrets.

The Rishi who is also known as the “Kavi Kratuh”(The poet and composer)  poured out the essence of these vibrations in words which intuitively sprang from his heart.These words became  35,000 odd mantras the collection of which is the “Samhita” , which means to  “put together with perfection” or a collection

om and damru



The Supreme consciousness (Chit) which existed before  material creation had deep with   in itself ,the potential for immeasurable bliss or anand .This throbbing potential had a pulsation ,the sound of which was a single syllable -Om .From  the sound Om,  radiated a multitude of vibrations each having a characteristic vibratory frequency ,supra physical sound specific quality and gross form.


The vedas and the puranas are replete with many beautiful allegorical references to the essential nature or “svabhava” of Brahman ,the Absolute parent Consciousness.One such story is about Panini a young ,struggling student whose disappointment at his own inability  to  grasp his studies on the sanskrit language  ,impelled him to retreat to the forest and deeply meditate for a solution.


The vision of Shiva rhythmically beating  his damru was seen by Panini who composed the Maheshwara sutra and went on to make this very beautiful and extremely powerful rendition , the basis of the sanskrit varnamala (alphabets).These fourteen verses which group sanskrit phonemes  together on the basis of shared acoustic  patterns  became the basis of the Ashtadhyayi (a treatise  on Sanskrit grammar)  and   Sanskrit as a language of the gods




“Akshar” is  a sanskrit word which means the  “imperishable one”.Consciousness (Chit) and its innate power(Chitti)  are eternally related and mutually synergistic in the dance of creation and annihilation . The Maheshwara sutra is an acoustic delight and an extremely powerful tool to heal and balance by a vocal acupressure  of the  nerve endings of the tongue. The sanskrit letters was systematically divided into groups(varga)  depending on  which  locus  of   the vocal apparatus is touched by the tongue  during theirarticulation  .

Each akshar in addition to having a particular aural impact ,carries and represents a small mother energy (matrika) which brings down its quality into manifestation at all levels of existence.

The revelation of the vedic akshar is an eternal phenomenon and the “akshar”may  descend down as an inner “sruti” (hearing) of divine creative mantras ,a vision ,an intuitive knowledge ,a flash of insight , miraculous clairvoyance or physical and physiological healing .”Sabda ” is the innate power of Brahman.Brahman is “akshar” itself .




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